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  1. Nicole

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    Hi! We are planning a move to LWR in the next couple of years hopefully. Being that there are so many villages within LWR, we are uncertain which would be the best fit for us as a family. We will not quite be empty nesters, as our teenage son will be living with us and commuting to college. But we are by no means spring chicks with young children. Where would we feel most comfortable? Thanks for any tips!
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    If your planning on moving here in the next couple of years, then that is when this question should be answered. LWR has many new communities being built, and I am sure the landscape will be drastically changed.

    I live in Edgewater which is a mature community close to LWR Main Street, Publix, and UTC. This makes it easy for me to get to Sarasota, Bradenton, and I-75. A friend just moved to Harmony, a townhouse community that for me is too far off the path.

    Your life-style did dictate which community.

    This may not help now, but I think stating that you'll be here in a few years is why you didn't get a response from anyone.



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