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    Hi! My family is moving to Lakewood Ranch from TN this summer, we are very excited! We will be in the Harmony Community. We have 2 daughters 5 and 2. Although exciting, this was an unexpected transition due to my husband’s career. I know there are a lot of great preschools in the area, however, each have waiting lists. I am a speech pathologist and will be working part time, and would like to begin working in August. I will need childcare sooner than later. I was hoping that someone would have information on other possibilities (in-home daycare, reputable/affordable nannies, etc.). I know there are sites out there to arrange these type of things, however, I also know that in my current community there are several great options known mostly by word of mouth. My oldest went to an in-home daycare until she transitioned to preschool at 3 and we had such a wonderful experience. I would appreciate any suggestions or assistance.
    Thank you!

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