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  1. JFG

    JFG New Member

    How is the HOA determined in Indigo...what does it cover?

    Is there a CDD or Stewardship Fee and what is the amount?
  2. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    lol, well first some retired prick decides what color your house can be painted....
  3. JFG

    JFG New Member

    Really.... that is all you got!! Come on... I came to this board to get information, not to listen to these kind of comments!! Can you answer the question or not?
  4. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    i did answer the question, just letting you know what to expect.... ohhhh your grass is 1/4 inch to long...... heres your fine
  5. JFG

    JFG New Member

    Having lived in two deed restricted communities, I know what to expect.

    The Indigo community is maintenance free so if the grass is 1/4 inch too long, I will fine them!!:)
  6. Beth C.

    Beth C. Super-Star Member

    There is no CDD in Indigo, Neal paid it for every lot. Naturally, that cost was no doubt passed on in the cost of the lot/home, but you will not have to pay it on your annual tax bill. As in most deed restricted communities the HOA fee for each home is determined by lot size. Currently our quarterly fee is $681 for a Cove Series home. Expect that to go up when the community is at full build-out and the developer is no longer subsidizing the upkeep. What that will be is anybody's guess, but probably won't happen for 3-5 years (I'm guessing). One big advantage is that the roads are public, so that is not a cost borne by the community, which can be a significant item in the reserve budget. Hope this helps.
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  7. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    whats the fine if my grass is to long?

    or if I leave the window down in my car?

    can I hang christmas lights?

    can I have a pumpkin on halloween?

    what hours can my children play outside?
  8. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    Why let your grass grow long?
    Who cares if you leave your car window up oe down?
    Of course you can hang Christmas lights. Just take them down before june.
    Yes you can have a pumpkin on halloween, just do not leave it out long enough to rot.
    What other complaints do you have?
  9. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    piemaker has children? o_O
  10. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    yes, 1 daughter, and one beautiful grand daughter
  11. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    Only a beautiful granddaughter? Not a beautiful daughter?
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