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Discussion in 'Indigo' started by GeorgeNJ, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Neal will soon be building villas at Indigo and we wanted to get some feedback from the Indigo community before considering purchasing there as a retirement home. We've been to LWR-Indigo already and we like the area, everything is so pristine. We're beach people and are a little concern about proximity to the nearest beach, how long does it take to reach Siesta Beach for instance? Another concern is the HOA/CDD...can anybody give us a ballpark figure, we saw Mattamy and got their numbers when we were down there, drove into Indigo but never spoke to anyone. Likes and dislike about the community...please share, thank you.
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    Villas are really nice. Getting to the beach is not a big deal if your spending the entire day there or even a 1/2 day. Traffic to Lido, Siesta, or LBK is busy during Season. I believe the villas in the new section will have a CDD fee. It all evens out in the end because you probably pay a few thousand less on the final home cost. The HOA's might be higher for Villas because you are attached to another unit. There will be future costs for painting reproofing the entire buildings down the road that may go into a reserve fund? I live in the first section and HOA fees are under 200 a mo.for my cruise model. the pools are NOT heated and you can't swim during winter/holiday months unless your insane. water is finally warming up. Mgmt Co and Neal keeps avoiding the topic and brushing us off when we ask. Was going to be heated when 50% community sold, but they expanded and keep stringing us along. Don't expect to swim with your grandchildren or guests during these months. Just a Fyi. Otherwise the pool is great, and most of the people who hang out there are very cool. Cocktails are frequent and everyone has a good time down there on weekends. A lot of folks only go to the beach so the pool is not crowded (yet)? The people who play pickle ball are very cool too and welcome new people all the time if you want to learn. The Villas will have their own pool but don't expect that to be heated either. From what I hear heating a pool is expensive? The Mgmt person & lifestyle people are awesome and manage a lot of stuff. Lifestyle directer is great and keeps us busy. Management person is also great but Neal Comm does not give her the tools or answers to actually answer any of our questions. Communication is good on somethings but bad on others. Both good people who work hard for us. A lot of dogs and for the most part everyone picks up the poop just not in their back yards or behind their own lanai. Beware before you walk on your grass if your neighbor has a dog - we are very close together. The worst part is when homes around you are under construction. its a nightmare. Don't get me wrong, these are all things to be expected in any new community. Indigo is so very nice and we are glad we purchased here. Mostly empty-nesters & retired folks. There are some with small kids but not many. You can be as involved or de-tached from activities as you choose. Esplanade is very nice too as well as Arbor Grand. Del Web is very very nice and just opened a HUGE ga-zillion SQ FT pool (HEATED) & amenity center. its 55+. Good luck to you.
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    Thank you for the info. we were actually there for the pre-sale and almost considered buying into the villas. We decided not to and look for a community with a mix of "young and old". We have a 20'ish daughter who will be living with us part time and want her to feel comfortable too in the community. Neal has done a great job and I hope to find somewhere to settle down.
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    We are seniors contemplating relocating from Boston area. Looking at Lakewood Ranch, Palmer Ranch, have cousins in Sarasota but want a community. Are there many full time seniors who have moved south? Pool not heated? Really?

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