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  1. CMacK

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    Hi everyone. I live in Delaware and my family is looking to build a house in LWR. We've done a ton of research and LWR seems to be an awesome community for raising a family! We will be totally new to the area so any guidance by some "locals" is greatly appreciated!!

    • Any recommendations on builders? I've been reaching but there's seems to be so many options!
    • Neighborhoods to consider? We have a 5 and 10 year old - def want family friendly with lots of kids and parents to make new friends! Kids would love to walk or bike to school
    • Realtors - one who would work for us - not the construction company. Realtors are a dime a dozen but we need someone who can be our eyes/ears on the ground during build process since we live up North
    Any help is SO very much appreciated!!
  2. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    LWR is a great community and is pretty much exploding at this point. We bought an existing home 3 years ago built by Neal. Happy with it for the most part. There are so many options its hard to make a recommendation with builder. Maybe come on down and rent for awhile while you house hunt, thats what we did. Helps eliminate buying/building and then not liking and moving a year or two later which happens a lot. Best of luck.
  3. luby162

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    With the new middle school going up next to gullett, i would say Mallory park or Central Park are the closest.... Mallory has a pool and fitness/clubhouse/basketball courts and pickle ball is also connected to the new park where Central Park has lower HOA fees but no amenities other than a splash pad and a soccer field, also has dog park but so does the new park. Both are gated communities.

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