New to edgewater and the community. Seeking doctor referrals.

Discussion in 'Edgewater' started by sherrmc, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. sherrmc

    sherrmc Member

    Can anyone recommend a family physician and also an endocrinologist and urologist? Thank you
  2. Brightnessin

    Brightnessin Member

    I saw Dr Lupo when I needed an endo for my thyroid. The whole practice is amazing! But I don't know if they do other issues than thyroids.
  3. sherrmc

    sherrmc Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Dr. Lupo appears to have a great practice. Apparently he will no longer file insurance paperwork so this may be an issue for my provider.
  4. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    I feel like I should get a referral fee as I'm always offering up All Care Medical when people ask for doctor rec. I see Dr. Doris Nessetti who is a gyn but does a complete physical when I go for my monthly. She is in practice with her husband who is a GP but I haven't ever seen him.
  5. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend Dr. Curtis, Urologist. 941-358-6777.
  6. Angela Aguirre

    Angela Aguirre New Member

    Family physician: Dr. Kassabov at Dr. Mishner's Office in Lakewood Ranch (Lakewood Ranch Blvd. and Rt. 70. She is the best!
  7. Angela Aguirre

    Angela Aguirre New Member

    Urologist: Dr. Kaplon at Physician's group is great! (Sarasota Memorial Blding on University Prkwy. Dr. Curtis gave my husband unnecessary and excessive seeds implant treatments and very aggressive radiations for a prostate cancer that was, according to a cancer expert who saw the biopsy, very incipient and most likely would have never developed. Many serious side effects stemmed from that brutal treatment.
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