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  1. thom

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    I need some advice for a good Sunday Brunch. I have family coming in and they have requested a Sunday Brunch. I rarely go for brunch so I have no real idea of where to start. I was going to do the brunch at the Holiday Inn at Lido but they're closed for the season.

    p.s. my uncle is probably an all you can eat guy.


  2. Chuck

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    You might check out Lido Beach Resort there on Lido Key, down near the public beach.
  3. thom

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    I called them twice. The Holiday Inn recommended them to me, (they are sister properties). Eveytime I call they are busy and will call back. But never do.

    I'll give them one more shot right now.

  4. Chuck

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  5. Chuck

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  6. thom

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    Just to throw a curve bally Uncle is asking now for an All You Can Eat place.

    He said the Lido Beach Resort was too expensive, (I was going to surprise him and pay...but not now).

    Now what?
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  8. Chuck

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    Thom, check your email here

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