Thoughts on Lennar / general LWR builder recommendations?

Discussion in 'Bridgewater' started by 64Chuck, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. 64Chuck

    64Chuck New Member

    Hello, I hope commenting on the builder isn't against any HOA policies, but I am relocating to the Bradenton area and strongly considering Bridgewater by Lennar which looks like a lovely area. I was just curious to know how everyone has gotten along with their Lennar-built homes. This will be my first time buying a new-build and so I've been doing a lot of reading on what to take into consideration. I have a realtor and have tried to do my research, but was wondering if anyone might have any insight since the community has been in operation for a few years now. The reviews for Lennar are mixed (I understand nobody takes the time to leave positive reviews) and Lennar is rated "F" on the BBB (not sure how significant this is?); for comparison, Neal is rated "B+".

    - Any differences in build quality between phases? I did a walk-through on one and was told the living-room floor outlet was put into the wrong side of the room so that it basically sits below where a TV stand would go instead of under the couch/end tables... which is probably where it should go. From the interweb, I saw that quality can sometimes go downhill during final phases because the head of quality assurance has moved onto other builds.
    - Any pointers on common gripes to look for during final closing?

    Thank you for your consideration!
  2. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    I can't give you any thoughts on my experiences since I don't have any but I thought your mention of "F" by BBB was a bit shocking. I looked at the BBB website and found that the Lennar in our area had an A+ grade, not an F. However, there only seems to be one review and it's classified as negative so go figure.
  3. Keri Heberlee

    Keri Heberlee New Member

    Hello "64Chuck". I live in Bridgewater and have been here since almost the beginning (so, over 3 years). I am not sure that there are a large amount residents on this site (I just joined in order to answer your question but I have been on this site in the past and don't believe there are too many from Bridgewater). Personally, we LOVED our experience with Lennar. We had built a semi-custom home in the past and it was not without its flaws and neither is our current home but nothing which couldn't be remedied. Nothing major at all. Our realtor had worked for Neal for a number of years and she said she was extremely impressed with the construction of our house (at least by its appearance once it was complete). We have a large FB group just for residents and there have been posts over the years from folks who have had this or that problem. As you said, usually the folks who are happy don't tend to chime in. That being said, at least from what I have seen on the FB page for residents, I have not seen anything tremendously major which would deter us from building with Lennar again. As you probably know, they are close to closing out so jump in quickly if you are still interested! :) Please let me know if you have any other questions about the neighborhood or the houses.
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    This is all my opinion and only applies to my home. I own in Bridgewater and can't definitively say I'd buy from them again. Build quality is at best average. They claim to build 'to plan' and while they may indeed do that there's no 'logic' applied to that 'plan' or the construction. For instance, I have an aquarium type window in the breakfast nook. Logic would say the ceiling receptacle would be centered on the middle window but no. It's mounted to the closest ceiling joist to the middle of that window and that joist is 6 inches off! Had a tray ceiling in the dining room where the tray was almost a foot off center and my repair request was turned down. Why? Because the tray is 'built to plan'. Absolutely no consideration given to the visual aesthetics of things. I could go on with several other things but I think you get the picture :)
  5. Keri Heberlee

    Keri Heberlee New Member

    One more far as "common gripes"...make sure the dryer vent is not sealed/covered (several residents, including us, still had the screen on their vent as it exits on the roof which was supposed to protect against debris from entering during construction but it was never removed...some residents had theirs totally sealed shut, unfortunately). Also, pay close attention to the areas around the windows. We just had our house repainted and the painter pointed out many places where they weren't sealed well which was allowing water to seep down into those spaces. If the house has a pool with a covered lanai, inquire about what type of screen they are using. We don't have one but I know there has been a problem with screens coming loose during storms and some have noted that it's an inferior product being used and/or the process they use to put the actual material in isn't adequate. Again, we don't have a screened lanai so I haven't been overly involved in those posts. I am sure there are more points...that's all I can think of at this moment.

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